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At AVID HR Consulting, we recognize that ‘Compliance’ is much more than a buzzword; we place a unique emphasis on remaining up to date with Local statutory labour requirements and international best practice. We understand that businesses have a lot to contend with operationally so we work with you to ensure you remain ahead of the curve with the changing National requirements. AVID will also work with in-house HR teams to develop company policies that reinforce statutory and organizational compliance.

AVID HR Consulting will help manage your employee data, personal and corporate information and also client information. We help ensure your organization avoids costly fines and other penalties, including the potential harm to the organization’s reputation by;

  • Advising on payroll deductions: PAYE, Pension etc
  • HR Compliance Audits
  • Creating Employment Terms and Conditions.
  • Building Employee Filing Systems
  • Managing Employee Databases