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AVID HR Consulting is made up of professionals with proven expertise in all the key areas of Human Resource Management. We are a young and dynamic team with over 50 years combined experience in Business and People Management. With the increasingly flexible and constantly changing corporate landscape, our Clients can rely on our dedicated approach to cultivating tailor-made HR solutions specific to their needs.

AVID HR Consulting will be universally recognized as the premier Human Resources solutions provider.

Our mission is to leverage our experience and expertise to build long term business relationships by consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations through the provision of holistic customer-focused HR and business solutions.


Satisfied Customers 98%
Project Completed 89%
Returning Clients 77%

Why Outsource to AVID HR Consulting?

  • Africa
  • The Laws and regulations
  • The psyche of African employees
  • The intricacies of building an indigenous workforce while remaining internationally competitive.

  • Scalable (fit-for-purpose solutions)
  • Adaptable
  • Multi-skilled
  • Cross-functional
  • Your preferred partners in progress

  • Keep you compliant
  • Handle your non core-competencies
  • Give you much more than just HR
  • Have operations and support services expertise and experience
  • Have over 50 years combined experience